Why Build a Site Using WordPress?

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Many businesses who want new websites have flocked to Google looking for an experienced WordPress designer to help them with their new project. Many developers are now choosing to build their websites using WordPress for a number of reasons, chief amongst them being that WP is a CMS that can be easily edited by non-technical folk. In the past there was never a widely accepted, agreed-upon content management system for publishing new websites. Many developers would build their own custom solutions. The problem with this was when it came time to make changes to the website you’d have to have FTP access to make page-level and design changes. This caused a huge disconnect between the designers and the people who owned the site. No one likes this scenario. The client is frustrated because they can’t make adjustments in a timely manner and the developers were being constantly annoyed.

WordPressWordPress Bridges The Gap

Because of how user-friendly the WP backend it makes for a much smoother communicative process between marketing and IT. If the marketing manager wants to go in and change a title tage they can do so easily by simply logging in through their web browser. WordPress even has a feature that allows you to copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document. Who doesn’t know how to use Word? It’s been taught to us since we first starting using personal computers. WP breaks down the barriers traditionally associated with the development and marketing relationship. The downfall of many web projects can be attributed to this lack of communication.

WordPress is Flexible

Or call it scalable. However you choose to phrase it WordPress as a CMS has come a long way in the past few years. What was once considered as just a “blogging platform” WordPress has turned quite a few heads in regards to what it can achieve in terms of functionality and expandability. There are many online marketplaces that now sell premium WordPress themes that can be expanded into eCommerce, news sites, directories, and social networking. Because of its vast ecosystem of developers you can pick from thousands of free plugins to add to its core functionality.

Many Themes are Now Responsive

Another in-demand service right now is developers who can build responsive WordPress sites. Because users are more frequently than ever using their mobile devices to access web content it’s important that your site has the ability to scale down when people are viewing it on their iPhones. There’s nothing more annoying that having to pinch, zoom, and scroll your way through a website just to get to what you need. Responsive web design turns desktop websites into mobile-ready displays.

WordPress Plugin Ecosystem

Want to include extra functionality to your WordPress site but don’t know how to write code? With WP’s deep and well-supported system of add-ons it makes it a snap to transform your website into anything you want. I’ve had several clients use WordPress as a CRM, wiki base, and even a forum. Especially with plugins like BuddyPress, a WordPress website can be turned into a full-scale community website.

WordPress isn’t Always the Answer

If you’re building a custom web application or need to sell thousands of products on a daily basis then you may want to go with a custom solution or use an enterprise eCommerce engine like Magento or Shopify. In most cases though, WordPress will work just fine.

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