Three PR Tips for New Business Success

Starting a new business means you will need to develop a public relations strategy that boosts your popularity while minimizing negative stories. If you haven't worked in PR before, this may seem like an impossible task. Follow these three tips to make the most of every minute and dollar you invest in your startup's PR campaigns. Build Your Brand by Telling a Story The most successful companies often build their brand identities by telling stories. For instance, Apple isn't just known for building Read more [...]

Essential Technology Requirements for Every Office

Both employers and employees today are deeply concerned with the essential technologies that maximize productivity on the job. Take one of them away from your office and productivity noticeably drops. Every office needs the following tools to ensure that the most basic things get done. Land line Phone Cell phones and Smartphone’s are great, but they can't replace land line phones when it comes to call quality. The quality of desk phones is far superior to newer tools. The latest Smartphone Read more [...]

Moving with the Times

As technologies continue to develop with businesses incorporating new strategies and processes, it’s important that we move with the times to stay ahead of the opposition, and also to make our lives easier. As a business owner, if you can provide the right materials and resources to improve your company processes so that your members of staff are less stressed and much happier about going to work, then you’re likely to see better performances from them.   In the technology industry, Read more [...]

Understanding the Internet Jargon: Key Terms

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Logging onto the World Wide Web is overwhelming when you are bombarded with lots of terminology that you are completely unfamiliar with… But – help is at hand! The following is a guide to all the important online key terms you will ever need to know. Attachment    This is a computer file, such as a document or image, which is sent in addition with an e-mail communication to the intended recipient. This is an easy way to share different files online. Blog A Read more [...]

An App That Keeps Your Devise Safe

Millionths of users all around the world have found their computers infected by malware software. These hostile programs are used or programmed by hackers to collect sensitive data, obtain access to private computer systems or to simply disturb the work of the electronic devise. A research conducted by Symantec Corporation concluded "the release rate of malicious code and other unwanted programs may be exceeding that of legitimate software applications". Android security applications were created Read more [...]