Valve Wants A Bigger Piece of the Gaming Market

Steam   Valve Corporation has been getting a lot of love from the press and the worldwide gaming community, as of late. It has formally announced a couple of things that might just spell the end of the computer gaming industry as we know of it today (particularly the PC segment), and usher in a new age in which Steam is conveniently located at its nexus.   First, there is the unveiling of the SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system that focuses mainly on content delivery for Read more [...]

5 Free Online Mmo Games That You Should Play Today

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Do you want to combine gaming with social experience? Try playing MMO games today. MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, a game genre which will allow you to play and interact with a large number of players online in a specific game world unique to each title. You can explore many places, play many characters, and do many things within the game world. Here are 5 free online MMO games that you should play today: 1. Warframe Warframe is a free-to-play shooter game developed by Digital Read more [...]