Internal and External Business Success: Ensuring Your Mobile Staff Members Stay in the Loop


When companies send staff members out “into the field” or out of the office to perform tasks, it’s vital that they have all of the information they need to be able to complete the job to the best of their ability, otherwise they’re likely to arrive at a location without all of the relevant details and resources and this – quite simply – is unprofessional and looks bad for the member of staff, and the company as a whole.


Having access to high quality enterprise mobility solutions, therefore, is key. Your employees don’t just need to have a list of tasks to complete, they need to be able to report back to the office with all of their findings, keeping managers right up to date with progress on the specific tasks so that they can ensure things are running according to the schedule and deadlines provided, and making provisions for when things aren’t going so well.


The more efficient these workers can become, the better it is in the long term for the business. In the office, if someone wasn’t pulling their weight you would pull them into a meeting and ask them to try harder; and the opposite also applies whereby you would reward those doing a good job.


Out of the office though, ensuring that members of staff “check in” with the office using the enterprise mobility software will ensure that they don’t take their eye off the ball and take longer than is necessary to complete their tasks. If the people they’re working with at the location are happy with their productivity, then you can reward them upon their return. For the business, you can make sure that clients are happy by remaining in regular contact and finding out if repeat orders will be made or if their services will be required again in the future.


If the reports making their way back to the office show that resources are being stretched, then you have real time insights that will allow you to send more people or equipment to the location; while having more than enough resources could allow you to reallocate to a job that isn’t progressing as smoothly.


The thing that puts many people off investing in mobility solutions is that they often don’t have access to a computer. However, thanks to the developments in mobile technology, you can now access your system using all of the latest tablets and smartphones as well as laptops so you can communicate and check for updates wherever you are, whenever you like. They can even be tailor made so that you only have the applications that are relevant to your business, a real bonus.

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