How to Turn Your Health Around


When it comes to health and fitness, there are many obstacles in our way on the path to the perfect body. For starters, what is perfect? Nothing is perfect, so far as we know, so it’s theoretically an unachievable goal to begin with. Moreover, there are a variety of factors that come into play that can affect our health, and the biggest threats seem innocuous on the surface, so they’re hard to fight. That’s the reason we have the modern health epidemic on hands today. Modern conveniences like sitting around all day and processed foods present some real health and fitness challenges, but it’s hard to see, because it just seems like a force of good, right? Food and rest are good. However, lurking just below the surface is a dark truth. Here are the details.

First and foremost, let’s talk about sitting. We as a society sit entirely too much. We sit at work, or, at least, the luck ones among us do, we sit on the drive to and from work, and we sit before and after work. All of this sitting causes weakening of core muscles that can lead to chronic back pain, depression, and even hernias. Therefore, we need to get up off the couch and move around more. This happened naturally back when we had to move from place to place, foraging and hunting, for survival, but these days everything is just handed to us, so we don’t get exercise as a matter of course, so many of us don’t get any exercise at all. All we have to do to remedy this problem, however, is simply stand and walk more. It’s that simple, for the most part. It’s recommended that you walk 10,000 steps each day for best results, but simply being more active is a good start.

Next on the list is diet. Processed foods, aka “junk food” are convenient and affordable food items, but they’re also chock full of additives that rob them of nutritional value, so you’ll want to replace them with home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients. You may want to further supplement them with some Life Extension for further benefits. It will cost you more money, and you’ll spend more time in the kitchen, but you’ll have more energy, lose some excess weight, and just feel better altogether.

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