5 Tips and Tricks of the Trade When It Comes to Web Designing

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web designHere are some web design tips that are sure to attract more visitors to your website and keep them coming back for more. Website design and development has been a topic of interest and debate for quite a long time ever since the Internet boom in the late Nineties. The current generation is used to the idea of the Worldwide Web, and for them, there has never been a time in their recollection where cyberspace doesn’t exist. The act of website designing is a brave new frontier more and more people are patronizing and taking seriously because of how increasingly influential the Internet has become through the years. From a curious novelty to an indispensable means of mass communication, entertainment, profit, and file sharing, it’s only natural that more and more companies are investing in better web development solutions.

  • When it comes to developing your own website, it’s always best to keep it simple. It’s one of the main factors in ensuring that you have a good website which visitors would gladly visit again and again. You don’t want your website to become too wordy or too laconic. You also should ensure that navigation is smooth and there are little to no glitches present. Most importantly, as part of your online marketing, you should guarantee that your website is catering to your proper target audience and demographic. Your branding should reflect the wants and needs of the people whom you want to sell your products and services to.
  • If you’re turning off the people who are likeliest to visit your site, you’re doing something wrong. With that said, added exposure to your webpage without having to spend money and time spamming it on every last directory known to man (that practice has long since been abandoned, and most search engines consider such actions as spammer behavior) entails better search engine optimization or SEO. These tactics involve making your website show up in the first SERP or search engine results page for certain keywords.
  • SEO is best done during the developmental stages of your site and not after the fact, when your site has already been made. It can include simple things like making a blog and putting important keywords on every entry or submitting articles related to your line of work or industry to the top article aggregators out there, with every entry having a link back that redirects interested readers to your website. SEO could also entail simply satisfying your visitors with what they see, thus encouraging return visits and positive feedback to Google from them.
  • Going back to the simplicity advice, simple is best when it comes to web design because simple is currently en vogue as far as websites are concerned. Remember Bonzi Buddy? Pop ups? Minute-long Flash intros? Annoying sound effects? More flashing buttons than the Las Vegas strip at night? Excessive text? Your browser crashing because of all the embedded pictures sliced into many parts because many are too big for your dial-up modem to handle? Those are now considered part of the dark ages of web design.
  • People nowadays prefer simple over the overly elaborate partly because they’ve realized that nothing screams “amateur website design” more than a webmaster who tries too hard to make the flashiest, gaudiest, and most unintentionally annoying website he could come up with thanks to a mistaken notion that visitors want to visit such sites. Minimalism is quite charming to see in websites nowadays, especially considering the excess that the Nineties and the Turn of the Millennium went through during the infancy of the mainstream Worldwide Web.

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